New IEC directive in force

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August 24, 2018

New IEC directive in force: radiation protective clothing from MML Medical is "SUCCESSFUL"!

Materials used to make radiation protective clothing must undergo tests to demonstrate that they offer adequate protection. These tests are described in an IEC standard. As of June 11, 2017, the latest IEC standard has been implemented, namely IEC 61331-1: 2014. This replaces the 2002 standard (61331-1: 2002).

In this newest IEC standard 61331-1: 2014, the bar is set a lot higher in terms of protection testing. A good case! After all, the user of the radiation protective clothing wants to wear a safe product.
We are proud that the radiation-protective clothing from MML Medical, the newest IEC standard, stands out with flying colors! Our products are therefore very safe. Some manufacturers do not meet the new standard! As a user of radiation protection, therefore always ask for the certificate of the clothing, in which the newest standard is mentioned in full scope.

Naturally, MML Medical can provide the certificate of our radiation protective clothing upon request!


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